Great Workouts Ideas for Couples to Enjoy Together

Great Workouts Ideas for Couples to Enjoy Together

Understandably, some people like working out alone because it allows them to focus on their workouts and be wholly present in these moments. Some people love training with a partner because the partner motivates them and helps them push themselves to get the most out of their workout routines. For couples, training together is a great way of spending time together, going on an unconventional date, and even helping build stronger bonds. Every couple is different and so the workouts they will enjoy together are bound to be different too. Since there are endless options, we are going to look at the best couple workout ideas to inspire you.

Lifting Weights

There is a common misconception that weightlifting is only for men. This is false as weightlifting can also be a great way for women to improve their muscle mass, lose weight and look better overall. There are many ways to do this together as couples depending on your goals. Many couples have seen great results from challenging each other.

Such challenges require that you step out of your comfort zone and try something new. For example, those used to kettlebells can switch to weighted balls. Using some machines to switch things up and experience a different challenge is also a great way to push each other towards greatness. Just ensure you are not hypercompetitive and cheer each other on otherwise the competition can lead to aggressive behavior and negative emotions.


Swimming is one of the best exercises because it engages most muscles in your body and helps you build strength in different areas. Swimming also has cardiovascular and mental health benefits. You can use swimming sessions to take a break from your normal workout routines as it can help recovery.

On top of all these benefits, swimming is also a good option for when you have an injury or muscle strains that make it harder to exercise. You can still get some cardio workout in the pool even in these instances.


Cycling is great for three main reasons; it helps couples spend a lot of time together, it is easy to get into, and has numerous health benefits. Couples can plan regular routes they can cycle together or switch it up from time to time to enjoy a different route or even scenery. They can plan for a one-hour ride every other day or longer cycling sessions during the weekend. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

As for the health benefits, cycling helps with cardiovascular and heart health, provides mental health benefits, helps with muscle growth, can aid in the management of conditions like diabetes, and strengthens the immune system. 

To get into cycling, a couple only needs to find bikes that are right for them. If you are looking for a challenge, mountain biking could be a great option; you just have to choose the right bike. Santa Cruz, for example, has different mountain bike models depending on your preferences.

Once you have chosen and bought the right bike, it is also important to consider insuring it. Bikes can get damaged, lost, or stolen and insurance companies like Velosurance can help in these instances. They have great Santa Cruz bikes insurance which covers all three of these scenarios, with their coverage extending globally. Velosurance’s Santa Cruz bikes insurance also provides liability protection and medical coverage if you are injured riding.

Outdoor Tennis

Outdoor tennis is another fun couple workout option. Couples can play against each other or against other couples to keep things interesting. Tennis has similar benefits to swimming because it engages most of your body, including your mind. Another reason you might like tennis is that you can play for most of the year. Many facilities ensure their courts are comfortable to play on throughout the year apart from when temperatures fall too low for anyone to be outside.


Running is arguably the best cardiovascular exercise. It has numerous benefits, two of the notable ones being helping you lose body fat and helping improve joint health. Couples can run together for health reasons to spend time together or just clear their heads when they are having a hard day. The best thing about running is that you do not need anything special to get started; you only need good running shoes. There are also no rules concerning the distance you can cover, but you should always ensure you do not run further than you need to to avoid injury.


Walking is a low-intensity workout that is a substitute for options like running, cycling, and swimming. Walking gives you a break from intense exercise and can be a great way to keep your body moving when you do not have to or want to exercise. Best of all, it can be a great bonding exercise as it gives you plenty of time to talk freely.

There is no shortage of exercise you can enjoy together as a couple. You only have to pick something both of you enjoy and get on with it.

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