Can You Go to the Dentist Right Now? Dental Care During the Pandemic

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With over 58.5 million cases during this pandemic, we all have to be careful. However, you also need to care for your dental health. There are now safety precautions and protocols, and dentists encourage patients to go back for routine care. 

However, is it safe to go to the dentist during this pandemic? Read on to learn more about the risks and if your treatment is urgent. 

Can You Go to the Dentist Right Now?

Heading out to a dental office can get you to touch plenty of germs. However, health care workers have a set of safety guidelines they need to follow. All their tools and hands have to get washed and sterilized before using. 

Most gears and needles are never reused to avoid the spread of the pandemic. It’s safe to go to the dentist to handle the dental office, tools, and clients. 

Risks of Going to the Dentist 

If you plan to visit the dentist right now, you should also consider the risks. Make sure your dentist always has his or her mask on. The infection can spread through droplets that make their way into your nose, mouth, and eyes. 

Most dentists limit the risk of infection in the office by seeing fewer patients. If you see many people in the waiting room, consider making a dental appointment on a day with fewer people. 

Non-Urgent Treatments

You should only visit the dentist if you have an emergency. If you have dental work that doesn’t affect your health, consider calling it another day and wait till the pandemic ends. Here are some non-urgent treatments:

Avoid risking your health and getting any viruses or diseases. It’s best to call your dentist to ensure that what you have is not an urgent matter. 

Necessary Treatments 

You should get treatment right away if you feel severe pain in your teeth or gums. It may get chances of infection, which can get worse in the long run. Below are some situations where you need immediate treatment:

  • Constant bleeding
  • Swollen areas around the mouth
  • Post care surgery that you can’t do by yourself
  • Uncomfortable dentures 
  • Problems that affect how you breathe
  • Signs of infection such as swelling
  • Broken teeth with tissue damage
  • Broken or damaged temporary crown 
  • Braces wires that hurt your gums 

If the dentist is not available, you should check in with the urgent care center. Let the dental office know if you have or think you have the virus. It helps to let them know the possibility of it spreading to the other people in the office. 

Dental Care During the Pandemic

To help reduce your chances of going to the dentist, always remember your oral hygiene. We have responsibilities when we go to the dentist, so be sure to take care of yourself and others. 

We hope you learned a thing or two from reading this guide on dental care during the pandemic! If you want to know more about dental care, consider checking out our other posts for more helpful info.

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