Essential Criteria to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Essential Criteria to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Whether you are a wedding planner or someone who is getting married soon, there is so much to think about that some considerations can shrink in significance. However, for the perfect day, every detail needs to be covered. An important part of the wedding day is capturing beautiful memories so they will be preserved for a lifetime. This is why choosing the right wedding photographer is so essential. Here is what you need to look for when deciding which photographer to hire.


No two wedding photographers are identical in their style. Do your research to find examples of wedding photos that you admire and use these as your inspiration. Contact photographers and ask about their portfolios and galleries or check their websites to view their previous work. You never know exactly how your own photos will turn out, but these will give you a good indication.


Unless you know and trust an amateur photographer to take your wedding photos, a professional is always a better choice. This is because they are usually familiar with how weddings are structured and how to capture the best shots of the day. Photographers like Dean Sanderson Weddings, for example, have years of experience in the field. Experienced professionals will be better at gathering guests for group photos and snapping candids throughout the day. They will also have invested more into their equipment and skills, meaning the results should be far superior.


Engaged couples can have wildly varying budgets for their wedding days. Some people have huge, lavish events that last for days, while others prefer more simple and modest occasions. Your budget plays a role in every decision you make when planning a wedding, so choosing a photographer is no different. Check their website and ask what their prices are. Make sure to agree on a deal beforehand so that neither of you feel cheated. Think about how many hours you want the photographer to stay for and if you can afford to add them to the catering list.


Since your wedding day should be filled with fun and love, it wouldn’t make sense to invite a photographer who didn’t match the mood. It’s best to meet up with your photographer in advance to get to know them even a little. This way, you can assess whether they would be a good fit for your wedding. Will they be able to maintain a cheerful and encouraging attitude for the duration of their work? Can they make guests laugh so they smile in photos? Would they make everyone in front of the camera feel relaxed?

Finding wedding photographers that you like isn’t easy. Choosing one that has a portfolio that speaks to you, can demonstrate experience, meets your budget needs, and has a good attitude is even harder. Start looking for a photographer as soon as possible to figure out what style you like and who would be a good fit for your special day. When you have taken the time to research and assess the details, you are more likely to see amazing results in your wedding photos.

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