Don’t Leave Your Carpet in the Dust!: 8 Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning, your carpet often gets left in the dust. Consider these 8 signs you need professional carpet cleaning services ASAP!

Your carpet is full of bacteria. In fact, it can hold up to four times its weight in dirt and contains around 200,000 bacteria per square inch! If that gives you the shivers…it should!

A dirty carpet is not only unsightly, but it poses a health risk to you and the people living in your home. Carpet traps dirt and grime, and even if you vacuum clean, you won’t be able to clean it below the surface level.

So, how do you know that it’s time to call professional carpet cleaning services? Keep reading for 8 signs that your carpet needs a professional clean.

1. Those Tough Carpet Stains Aren’t Budging

Have you been scrubbing away at tough stains on your carpet to no avail? Or perhaps every time you walk into the room, you notice that yet another stain has popped up.

While carpets are lovely to have in the home, they stain easily. If you don’t clean up a spill or mess straight away, you’ll likely be left with a permanent stain. One or two stains are palatable, but your carpet starts to look really grubby when you leave it uncleaned with plenty of stains.

If there are almost more stains than there is clean carpet, it’s time to call in the carpet cleaning services.

2. People in Your Home Suddenly Have Allergy Symptoms

Uh-oh. Suddenly, you or someone else living in your home is constantly sneezing, with a stuffy nose and scratchy eyes. You’re thinking that it’s unusual because you’ve never had allergies before. The culprit could very well be your dirty carpet.

Carpets trap a lot of dirt, pollen, dust, and other allergens. If you don’t know how to clean a carpet properly, then this will build up over the months and years. When this happens, people in your home may find themselves experiencing allergy symptoms.

If there’s a lot of coughing, sneezing, and spluttering going on, then consider contacting a reputable carpet cleaning company, such as Chem-Dry of Omaha. If this company is in your local area, this a great option for thorough cleaning, especially as they use a solution that is eco-friendly and non-toxic, so your family and pets are safe. Their cleaning process involves a specific method that gets all the grime and irritants out of the carpet fibers, eliminating odor, stains, and other issues potentially causing allergies.

3. You Want to Give Your Home a Facelift

Sometimes a carpet clean isn’t about health and wellness, it’s simply about aesthetics. You probably don’t even realize how different a professionally cleaned carpet looks. It gives the entire room a facelift with a ‘brand new carpet’ look.

If you want to spruce up your home without spending a ton of money, a professional carpet cleaning can do wonders.

4. It’s Starting to Smell Like Dirty Carpet

Is there a funky, musty smell hanging around in your home? Once you’ve checked that you didn’t forget to take the garbage out, you may have to look to your carpet for the source of a bad smell.

As mentioned previously, carpets trap a whole lot of nasty dirt and debris. The fibers and fabric also soak up any liquids that you spill on it. Over time, all of this can start to release an unpleasant odor.

Your carpet may look clean, but a bad smell is a sure indication that it isn’t. Contact Poughkeepsie carpet cleaning and get your carpet back to a fresh, odor-free, and clean state.

5. You Can’t Remember When You Cleaned it Last

You should have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year, or at least every 18 months. If you can’t remember when, if ever, you last had it cleaned, then it’s time to call the professionals.

You might not think it looks dirty, but all the dirt is trapped beneath the surface. If you want a healthy home with good air quality, then you need to clean your carpets before they start to look grubby on the surface.

6. You Live in a Cold Area

If it snows in your area, then your carpet gets put through a lot in winter. You’re probably accustomed to road salt, while great for making sure you don’t slip, it’s not so great for your carpet.

When you walk outside of your home, you pick up road salt on your shoes, which you then bring inside and onto your carpet. Road salt is very damaging to carpets, deteriorating the fiber over time.

If you’ve had a particularly snowy winter this year, get your carpet professionally cleaned to remove all of the salt and preserve it for years to come.

7. You Don’t Have a No-Shoes Policy

Even people who insist on a strict no-shoes policy slip up every now and again. You forget something and quickly need to run inside to get it. Or you invite your neighbor over and they trek through your home with their shoes on, dragging all of the dirt inside.

It’s especially important to get your carpet professionally cleaned if you know that you are relaxed about shoes in the house. It means that your carpet is likely building up with dirt quickly, especially when the weather is rainy.

8. You Have Kids and Pets

Your children and your fur babies are what make your house a home. They’re also a disaster for carpets. You’ve probably watched your kids spill everything from paint to juice, to their own bodily fluids on your carpet.

As for pets, they leave drool, mud, pet dander, and hair all over the place. These, along with your childrens’ messes, are then trapped in the carpet. You simply don’t have the equipment needed to clean that sort of grime away.

Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Have you noticed one or more of these signs in your home? Don’t wait too long before calling professional carpet cleaning services as it’s sure to get worse. Remember, your carpet may look clean, but there’s a whole world of dirt and grime living unnoticed beneath the surface.

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