Does Going Solar Make Sense in Las Vegas?

Is going solar in Las Vegas worth it? How do solar panels affect your home value? Click here to learn everything you need to know.

Solar energy production is rising faster than the sun. In 1984, Americans produced 5 million kilowatts of solar electricity. Americans now make 133 billion kilowatts

Solar in Las Vegas has proven especially popular. There are many solar companies in Las Vegas, and they bring the average cost of solar panels in Las Vegas down. Yet many Nevada residents have questions. 

Is solar worth it in Las Vegas? How can you make solar energy affordable? What are the environmental benefits of solar panels? 

Answer these questions and you can determine whether solar panels are right for your house or yard. Here is your quick guide. 

Tax Credits 

The state of Nevada does not offer tax credits for solar panel construction. You may have heard that NV Energy was offering rebates. They did give rebates to people who put solar panels on their roofs, but that incentive ended in 2019. 

The federal government continues to offer a tax credit. You can claim 26 percent of the installation cost as a dollar-for-dollar reduction on your income tax. The credit drops to 22 percent in 2023, so you should schedule your installation for this year. 

Net Metering 

When your solar panels produce more energy than you need, they can send the electricity through wires into the electric grid. The utility provider can give you credits for the electricity you send out. You can use these credits to pay off a portion or the entirety of your electric bill.

You can also send some of your electricity into batteries. At night, you can transmit electricity from the batteries into your home. This will also help you save money on your utilities.  

Home Values 

Most people like having solar panels on their roofs. Many are willing to pay extra money so they can buy a house that has a solar panel.

If you are in a community that does not have many panels, you may find it easy to sell your house. You can also charge extra for your panels. You may be able to make thousands of dollars more than you would normally charge. 

Solar panels cost different amounts depending on who you talk to. But most people see a return on their investment in solar panels within a decade of buying them. Panels can last decades, so they will start making money after that moment. 

Environmental Footprint 

Solar panels have environmental benefits in addition to monetary ones. Electricity production constitutes 25 percent of total American greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar panels produce electricity without polluting anything into the atmosphere. It is true that panels have toxic components that must get recycled after the panels die. But the impact of the panels’ chemicals is minimal in comparison to the impact of burning coal or oil. 

The Benefits of Solar in Las Vegas 

It’s time for you to go solar in Las Vegas. The federal government is offering a significant tax credit. 

If you produce enough power, you can get a cheaper energy bill. You may also be able to charge more money for your house. You can reduce your energy environmental footprint to zero. 

Solar panels are a very smart investment. Take the initiative and get an installation on your house as soon as possible. 

Panels are just one way to improve your home and save money simultaneously. Find out more by following our coverage. 

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