A Short and Sweet Guide to Managing Pests

Homes, gardens, and offices are all subject to invasion from unwanted pests. Click here for tips on managing pests in any space.

In the US, 2.9 million households say they’ve seen both cockroaches and rodents on their properties. While it’s pretty common to have pests, that doesn’t make it any less stressful if you’ve spotted them.

It might be disheartening to learn you’ve got pests. But thankfully, there are ways to perform pest management so you don’t get an out-of-control infestation.

Here’s a short guide to managing pests so you can keep your property clean and safe.

Do Walkthroughs Often

Inspecting your home is important for pest control. Early detection of unwanted visitors is key to getting things under control, so make sure you check your property often, both inside and out.

Keep Your House Clean

Keeping your house clean is vital, not just for aesthetic reasons.

Getting rid of food scraps and crumbs eliminates an easy food source. And by putting your pantry’s contents into sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers, not only will it look better, but it’ll also be harder for pests to chew through.

Also, keeping your floor clear of debris makes your house more unattractive to pests since they won’t have as many hiding places or nesting material.

Keep Up With Yard Care

Garden pests can quickly grow in population if you don’t keep up with yard care. For example, overgrown shrubbery gives them plenty of cover and even a home and/or food source.

Without regular yard care, household pests can also infiltrate your home. They can utilize overgrown branches to get into your house or hide out in your woodpile, then get carried in with the wood pieces.

By keeping up with your garden and yard, you’ll also be able to keep your greenery strong and healthy. Proactively trimming and pruning plants can get rid of unhealthy growth that pests are attracted to.

Follow Directions for Pesticides

Some situations call for the usage of storebought pesticides. Always make sure to follow the directions to a T, as the chemicals in these products can be hazardous if you don’t use them correctly.

Never assume that using extra is better. And if possible, purchase ready-to-use products so you won’t have to mix chemicals yourself.

Call a Professional When Needed

Sure, you can try DIY methods to keep pests at bay. But if things aren’t getting better, or even worse, the pest population is growing, then you need to call in the professionals!

A pest control company can do a thorough inspection of your property to determine what pests you have and how big the problem is. They can then take the appropriate actions to eliminate these critters safely and effectively.

Most importantly, they’ll persist with preventative methods. For example, they’ll find entry points and seal them off, and they’ll return a few times to ensure their pest control methods are working.

Make Managing Pests Easy With Our Advice

Managing pests can be a tough job. But so long as you stay on top of it and call in the experts when needed, you’ll be able to remain one step ahead of those pesky creatures!

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