A Business Owner’s Guide to Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Are you looking to hire a trustworthy electrician for your business? Click here for a business owner's guide to hiring a commercial electrician.

Financial transactions can’t happen, your employees can’t work, and everything comes to a grinding halt. Downtime can cost as much as $10,000 an hour.

What would happen if the power suddenly went out at your business? Your business would be at a standstill.

Most businesses can’t afford that type of work stoppage. It’s the reason why you need to have a commercial electrician review your systems for safety and resilience.

Hiring an electrician reduces your business liability. Rather than try to fix issues yourself, read this guide to hiring a qualified professional electrician.

Insured and Licensed

The first thing you need to look for is a state-certified commercial electrician. Every professional electrician has to hold a license to perform electrical work.

Electricians typically have different levels of licenses, ranging from apprentice to contractor. These licenses are based on an electrician’s experience.

Ask prospective electricians for their license numbers. You can verify it with the state’s board of electricians or the department that handles the oversight of electricians.

Make sure that the company has comprehensive insurance policies that cover everyone on their team, whether they’re employees or outside contractors.

Areas of Expertise

You’ll need to find a commercial electrician that specializes in commercial buildings. Commercial work is very different from the electrical systems in single-family homes.

Commercial electricians can look at a public building’s wiring and spot potential safety issues. They recommend ways to improve energy efficiency, which lowers your overall energy bills.

Knowledge of Local Building Codes

A professional electrician knows the local building codes inside and out. They likely have them memorized. Ask about the electric codes that your business has to comply with.

The electrician should give you a detailed answer.

Warranty of Services

What if the electrician does a lot of work and there are power issues? Do you have any recourse or do you have to pay the electrician again to take care of the problem?

Find out if the electrician reimburses you for damages caused by their work and if there’s a warranty on electrical work.

Cost of Electrical Work

Sure, one of your employees has a cousin who’s cheap and can take care of the issue. This isn’t a decision to make based on money alone.

The cost of going the cheap route is probably going to cost your business more in the long run. Let’s say that the cheap electrician doesn’t know commercial building codes.

You’re responsible for the entire business. That could mean fines and you have to pay to get the building within code again.

Get the job done right the first time by hiring a professional electrician.

Tips for Hiring a Commercial Electrician

How can you make hiring a commercial electrician easy? Follow the tips in this guide.

Check the professional electrician’s license and insurance. Understand their expertise and find out about the warranty on electrical work performed at your business.

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