A Better Smile: 11 Ways to Improve Oral Health and Appearance

What's the secret to having a better smile? From better oral health practices to dental procedures, this roundup has the details you seek!

Did you know that most people feel self-conscious about their teeth? If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get a better smile. You can improve your oral health and get a healthy smile. 

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1. Establish Excellent Oral Habits

It will take time before you begin to notice changes. Make sure you persevere and keep up with your new oral habits.

You will learn about helpful oral habits in this guide. If you forget the steps, you could always write them down.

Improve your smile by establishing new habits.

2. Try to Floss Daily

Flossing will get rid of plaque below the gum line and between teeth. If you floss daily, you can prevent gingivitis and tooth decay.

Tartar and plaque can build up below gum lines. This will end up causing periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss and bone destruction.

You should wrap the floss around your finger. Place the floss between the space between your teeth before sliding it up and down three times.

Some people will experience bleeding because of gum disease or gingivitis.

If you floss every day, these symptoms could stop after a few weeks. This will only happen if you have moderate or mild gingivitis.

If you can’t floss with the thread, get an oral irrigator. The device will spray mouthwash to remove food and plaque between your teeth and under the gums.

3. Go Get a Cleaning

Aim to get a routine cleaning twice a year. You can promote decent oral health.

If you don’t have regular cleanings, you’re at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease.

The disease can cause bleeding, swollen, or receding gums. The disease also has links to obesity, sleep apnea, diabetes, and stroke.

The dental hygienist will remove tartar and stains from your teeth. The professional will also screen for oral cancer or high blood pressure.

A lot of health conditions can begin in the mouth. Your dentist will make you aware of issues and follow up with the doctor.

4. Stop Smoking

Smoking will cause staining. The stain could get polished off if it’s a superficial stain, and it could also soak into the enamel.

If you’re a smoker, you could damage healthy gums. Your gums could recede and cause large pockets around the teeth.

Teeth will appear more prolonged, and smoking makes it challenging for people to reverse gum disease.

5. Have You Considered Invisalign?

If you need to improve the overall look of your smile, you could consider Invisalign. Now, you don’t have to get braces. Instead, choose a nearly invisible option, where you still get to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.

Learn more about the benefits of Invisalign.

6. Stop Drinking Red Wine, Tea, and Coffee

Wine, coffee, and tea will end up staining your teeth. Like smoking, these beverages will cause a superficial stain.

The dentist will get rid of the stains. Yet, the beverages will cause internal staining of the enamel.

You can help lower the risks by using a straw. You will lower the risk of tooth decay. Rinse your mouth with water, so the darker liquid doesn’t sit on your teeth.

7. Pick Whitening Products

There are different whitening products like strips, gel pens, rinses, and laser whitening.

Each type will target different problem areas. Rinses and whitening toothpaste are helpful for tea drinkers and coffee lovers.

Use gel pens to touch up certain areas. Some teeth will collect more stains.

Custom trays will provide professional whitening.

8. Get a Good Toothbrush

Quality toothbrushes are shown to remove more plaque. You’ll end up with healthier gums compared to standard toothbrushes.

There are different feature modes for sensitive teeth.

If you can’t get an electric toothbrush yet, buy a soft-bristled brush. Stiffer bristles will cause the gums to recede.

9. Start Drinking More Water

Water is one way to keep your body and smile healthy. Water will help flush your teeth, and also it can help limit tooth decay.

Tap water is a good choice because it has a recommended amount of fluoride. Bottled water tends to come from an area where fluoride doesn’t get monitored. Sometimes bottled water won’t contain any fluoride.

A good level of fluoride will promote tooth health.
Avoid sugary or acidic beverages.

10. Try Improving Your Overall Health

Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes will also affect your smile and health.

When the body gets strained by a health condition, it’s challenging to treat another area.

You should aim to improve your health with preventive methods. Get enough exercise and eat well. You can enhance the appearance of your gums, teeth, and body.

11. Brush Your Teeth

A lot of people still need the reminder to brush their teeth twice a day. The plaque will harden into tartar. Yet frequent brushing will prevent this and keep teeth whiter.

Try to brush toward your gum line. Put some pressure, so the tissue gets a little color. Make small strokes and focus on a tooth at a time.

Get a Better Smile Starting Today

We hope this guide on how to get healthy teeth was helpful. Consider how you can change your oral habits. Start brushing your teeth twice a day, floss, and avoid dark beverages.

Are you looking for more health tips? Check out our resources on the blog.

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