7 Tips to Add Extra Storage Space to a Home

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Look around your home, what do you see? Are there piles of clutter in your corners? Is your bookshelf a mess? It’s time for extra storage space so you can start reorganizing.

Making storage space isn’t always easy, especially if you’re living in a small home or apartment and not all of us can afford a professional home organizer. We’re here to offer you some suggestions so you can create storage space without getting rid of your treasured items.

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1. Use Vertical Space

This is the first (and best) piece of advice that we can give you when it comes to increasing storage space in a home. How much of your vertical space are you really using? Yes, your walls should hold some of your favorite decor items, but why not also use them for storage?

Consider using some hanging shelves for your favorite books and tchotchkes. You can make storage space look stylish!

In your closets and cabinets, take advantage of all of that space and consider adding extra overhead shelves or hangars. Keep a stool nearby if you have trouble reaching those pesky top shelves.

Don’t forget the space above your refrigerator! Many people don’t use those cabinets, so it’s storage that’s going to waste!

2. Try Closet and Drawer Organizers

Do you feel like there’s never enough room in your drawers and closets? It’s time to reorganize them to maximize space!

You can make DIY drawer organizers if you’re feeling crafty. This way, you can make sure that you size them appropriately for your needs while you save a bit of money. This is also a fun craft for children.

When it comes to your closet, there’s an abundance of options for organization. You can get stacked hangers which will allow you to store more clothing in a small space. You can also get hanging cubbies where you can put storage boxes or stacked clothing.

Those cubbies also often have a place for hangers underneath so you can further maximize your storage space.

Bonus: this is also great for when the seasons change. You can stack all of the clothing that you won’t be using for the foreseeable future and bring the seasonal clothing to the front of the closet.

3. Get Some Furniture With Hidden Storage Space

Why not use your furniture as storage? There are so many options when it comes to furniture with built-in storage that there’s no good reason not to use it.

Consider building or buying a kitchen island. Not only will this give you a great place to prepare food and even sit for meals, but you’ll also be giving yourself a lot of bonus storage space to play with.

When you’re done with that, why not get some storage-friendly ottomans and chairs? These are great for hiding items that you don’t have room for elsewhere.

Open the ottoman or chair and throw in your linens and blankets. You can even store board games or video games in there! You’ll have easy access to everything that you need without leaving your things in plain sight.

4. Create Built-In Storage

Is there space in your home that you know would be great for storage, but it’s not quite usable yet? Put your DIY powers to good use and create helpful built-in storage options.

You can create storage space overhead even if you don’t have an attic. Boarding a loft is a great way to give yourself room to throw unused items, and it’s fairly easy as long as you have the right supplies.

If you have a garage, you can add storage space above the garage door with a few simple supplies. It might be best to hire a professional so you know that everything is secure, but it’s still possible to do it on your own.

5. Lift Your Bed

Out with the monsters and in with the storage. Lift your bed just a bit and give yourself plenty of hidden storage space right where you sleep!

Lifting your bed even a few inches makes a huge difference. You can slide low storage containers and boxes down there so you can hide clothing, toys, art supplies, and anything else that you have laying around the house.

Bonus tip: if you’re in the market for a new bed, consider finding one that has drawers built right in.

6. Use Shelves and Tables Strategically

Find new places to put some extra shelves and tables if you want to get the most out of your space.

What’s sitting behind your couch right now? If the answer is “nothing,” you’re missing a storage opportunity. A console table or low shelf is the perfect item to put behind your couch.

On top of the table, put your favorite decorative items. Use the shelves below the surface to stack storage.

If you want to add more shelves to your space but you’re not sure where to put them, use them as dividers. A shelf makes a great “wall” to break up space and it gives you plenty of room for your things.

This is a great suggestion for anyone who’s living in a studio apartment who needs to break up their space.

7. Use Vacuum Packs

If you don’t have enough room for your clothing or linens, vacuum pack the ones that you don’t use often. This is also a great idea for people who are moving or people with baby clothes that they’re saving for the future.

Vacuum seal machines are affordable online. You put your clothes in the special bag, turn the sealer on, and watch your clothing shrink!

You’ll have no problem stacking everything in your closet.

Try These Easy Tips for Extra Storage Space

If you’ve been looking for ways to get extra storage space in a small and cluttered home, try these tips! You don’t have to get rid of all of your things to create more storage and decrease clutter!

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