5 Unique Bar Decor Ideas for Your Home Bar

A home bar is the perfect way to entertain yourself and friends. These unique bar decor ideas will set your home bar ahead of the rest.

Do you like socializing with a drink or two but don’t love the high cost of going out? Maybe you’re a little introverted but having a few friends over is your ideal way to entertain.

A home bar is the perfect setting to enjoy a drink and friends without the hassles of going out. Are you ready to upgrade to a home bar? Take a look at these fabulous bar decor ideas to get your creative bar design ideas flowing.

1. A Bar in a Cabinet

If your house is small and there isn’t room for a separate bar, don’t despair. You can still do a clever bar in a cabinet. You can even make it portable!

This is a personal mini-bar in a small cabinet on wheels, so the decor is minimal. Roll it out and open it up for special occasions. The top doubles as an end table.  

2. A Floating Bottle Bar

Looking for something that serves as wine storage and doubles as a conversation piece? Try floating bottle storage in place of a room divider. 

Thin wires hang from the ceiling and hold silver, chrome, or wood bars onto which you slide your wine bottles. Use metal bars for a modern look or wood bars if your home has a rustic theme. Make the “shelves” as wide or tall as you’d like. 

This is a simple bar design that looks great and offers great bottle storage. 

3. Whiskey Barrel Bar

Do you have a man cave and you’re going for a masculine look? Whiskey barrel decor fits the bill and makes excellent bar furniture. 

Use refurbished whiskey barrels for small tables or use more than one and set a large plank across for something bigger. Is your space small? You can even cut a barrel vertically and push it up against the wall for a high-top table that only uses a little space. 

4. Under the Stairs Bar

There are some great bar design ideas that take advantage of unused space, like that space under the stairs that’s collecting dust. You can go with an open-shelf design and high-end decor for the “wow” factor, or enclose the area in a cabinet or closet space so it’s only seen when you’re using it. 

5. Wall Art Bar

Do you have a cool man cave or a small bachelor pad? Put your bar on the wall. 

By using box shelves, you save floor space and you can get creative with lighting and decorations. Interlocking boxes with under-the-box lighting look fantastic and artfully hold your bottles, glassware, and accessories. 

Paint the wall a dark charcoal gray and use white, black, and gray boxes for a modern, sleek design. 

Bar Decor and Designs for Every Taste

There are so many bar decor ideas. Think about what you like and let your imagination run wild. Before you know it, you’ll have the bar that’s the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

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