5 Key Tips for Creating Dementia Care Plans

If you're caring for a loved one with dementia, you should consider these key factors when making dementia care plans. Learn here.

Everyone can benefit from a routine. Routines give you a sense of comfort and allow you to feel in control of your life. Your loved ones who suffer from dementia are no different. Routine is particularly important for them. 

For this reason, dementia care plans are essential as they help to build up a routine into a day. Whether your loved one has the early signs of dementia, or they’ve progressed to the advanced stages, having that routine in place can help ground them.

Here’s how to care for someone with dementia with our guide to dementia care at home. 

1. Plan for a Good Breakfast

Food can often become an issue for people with dementia. The act of preparing it in the first place can be fraught, but then the act of eating could be quite a challenge. 

Nutrition is essential, and starting the day off with a good breakfast can make a massive difference to a person’s day. For those that struggle with memory loss, having this foundation in your routine can alleviate anxiety for the whole day. 

2. Plan for Personal Care

Personal care could include everything from basic tasks such as getting dressed to helping with washing, bathing, and brushing teeth. 

Where possible, you should encourage autonomy in this area, however, you should be prepared to assist as symptoms of dementia worsen. 

Cleanliness is important and you should ensure that you include personal care in your dementia care plan. 

3. Plan Events and Activities 

Just because someone has dementia, it doesn’t mean that they’re not able to enjoy creative activities such as drawing, knitting, writing, making music, or crafting. All of these things are wonderful examples of activities you should integrate into your loved one’s day.

By planning events and activities throughout the day, you’ll help relieve them of any boredom. 

4. Include Plenty of Movement and Exercise

Exercise and movement are beneficial to people of all ages, but when it comes to dementia care, this can often be overlooked. 

Look for opportunities to get outdoors and go for walks. You may also want to encourage activities such as gardening which will help them both mentally and physically. 

If their movement has become an issue, try and keep up with exercises that can be done from sitting, or simple aerobic exercises that can be done with some support.  

5. Include Reminiscing and Cognitive Activities 

Although dementia sufferers struggle with short-term memory loss. Many still have great memories of years gone by. Sit and talk to them and let them reminisce about their lives. This helps keep their mind active. 

You should also try and include cognitive activities such as doing puzzles to help keep their mind as stimulated and healthy as possible. 

Creating Dementia Care Plans for Your Loved One

When creating dementia care plans, focus your attention on building routine into your loved ones’ life. Include plenty of activities to keep them healthy and stimulated. 

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