5 Key Signs You Need to See an Orthodontist

Tooth pain is not the only reason you should head over to a orthodontics clinic. Keep reading to learn all the signs you need to see an orthodontist.

While you may feel that you are too old for braces, the reality is that 20% of orthodontic patients in the United States today are over the age of 18. It is true that childhood is the ideal time to make changes in our teeth’ positioning, though we are never too old to benefit from visiting an orthodontics clinic.

Orthodontists are available to help with a range of mouth hygiene concerns, including everything from jaw pain to breathing difficulties. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five key signs you need to see an orthodontist.

1. You Have Lost Confidence in Your Smile

This is the most common reason that people choose to visit an orthodontist. Our teeth are a central feature and having a great smile can help to boost our confidence and self-esteem. If you have lost confidence in your smile and would like to have straighter teeth, then orthodontic treatment is your best option.

2. You Experience Difficulty Chewing Foods

Malocclusion is classed as a misalignment between the teeth of the upper and lower dental arches. If left untreated, malocclusion can result in a range of health complications.

One of the common complaints from people with malocclusion is discomfort when chewing or biting. If you have teeth that are crowded or have an over/underbite, an orthodontist can help.

3. Your Speech Is Affected

Improper alignment of your teeth can also result in speech changes, such as the development of a lisp. You may find that you have particular difficulty pronouncing certain words, something which only becomes more pronounced over time.

As adults, this can be embarrassing and may affect our self-esteem, especially when speaking in public. In this scenario, an orthodontist can help properly align your teeth, ensuring that you are better able to articulate.

4. Tooth or Gum Pain

There is a range of reasons why you may be suffering from tooth or gum pain. An orthodontist can diagnose your issues and determine the cause of this discomfort. An orthodontist can help to provide effective treatment options for your issues, which may include braces to properly align your teeth.

5. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly starts and stops. As you can imagine, this is a potentially serious condition. If you suffer from sleep apnea, an orthodontist may be able to help.

An orthodontist can fit an oral appliance similar to a retainer that supports the jaw in a forward position during sleep, helping to maintain an open upper airway.

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Learn How an Orthodontics Clinic Can Help

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, a visit to an orthodontics clinic is advised. From improving the appearance of your smile to better sleep and less daily discomfort, a visit to an orthodontist serves a wide range of benefits.

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