4 Great Reasons to Move to California

Ever considered making the move to California? Here are five great undisputable reasons for making the move to The Golden State.

Are you California Dreamin’?

If it’s time to start a new chapter in your life, go ahead and take that leap: Join the roughly 40 million people who put their roots down in the great state of California.

If the thought alone doesn’t make you want to move to California and start over, the following reasons will surely get you to pack those bags.

1. Enjoy Versatile Warm Weather

Who needs the snowy white winters of Connecticut or the dry scorching heat of Arizona? You can enjoy the mild yet varied climate of California instead.

That’s right — you probably assumed that the golden state is always balmy with no variation. Well, surprise!

California is sprawled across multiple landscapes, and its weather varies as much as in most large states.

Though it’s generally warm in California, you might witness a snowfall in the highest mountain ranges.

Meanwhile, California is also home to Death Valley, which is the hottest place in the world with a recorded high temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, living in a California beach city like Del Mar will afford you sunshine and clear skies for miles. So don’t think that living in California means dealing with a boring one-dimensional climate.

2. Move to California and Eat Sushi Every Day

Do you crave sushi all the time?

If your bank account can’t keep up with your desired sushi habit, California is the place for you.

Sure, sushi in California isn’t exactly cheap. Sushi is one of the most expensive types of food in the world, and it’s not bound to be cheap unless you buy it at a gas station — not advisable, by the way.

That said, fish is more accessible and abundant in California, and local sushi spots take full advantage of it – even in its largest city there are numerous Sushi Catering In Los Angeles that is reasonably priced. Whilst you might pay more than 100 dollars for sushi dinner for four in the North East, you many feed up to six people with sushi on that budget in California.

3. Take In the Picture Perfect Views

You’ve seen it in movies and on the most beautiful postcards: the views from California are a site to behold.

Whether you enjoy strolls on the beach with a perfect view of the crystal-clear ocean, or you’re into hiking in the tall, perfectly-sculpted California mountains, the state has an outdoor view for you.

4. Live In the Company of Like-Minded People

As a liberal in America with a preference for sunny skies, you might feel displaced. Most warm-weather states are populated with conservatives — looking at you, Sunshine State.

Americans with a left-leaning ideology tend to live up north, where the summers are short and the winters unforgiving.

California, however, is a distinct pocket in the Western US that is home to liberals. Approximately 47 percent of the state’s population is left-leaning, while just 24 percent of California’s residents are conservative.

Are You Packing Yet?

California is calling your name. Are you ready to answer?

Feel free to post a comment about your upcoming move to California, and come back to our blog for more entertainment and lifestyle content.

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