4 Common Lawn Care Mistakes You Need To Avoid

It's all too easy to damage your lawn. Read on as we take a look at some common lawn care mistakes that you need to avoid.

Did you know that 79% of Americans say that a lawn is an important feature when looking for a home?

As well as boosting your home’s curb appeal, a well-maintained lawn gives your family the space to relax, play, and host summer get-togethers. But can you honestly say your lawn always looks its best?

Good lawn care is crucial if you want to enjoy a lush green space in your yard. However, too many homeowners make common lawn care mistakes that leave their yard looking tired and listless.

Our guide shows you the lawn care basics, and the 4 top pitfalls to avoid. Read on!

1. Overwatering

If you see that your lawn is struggling, the natural response is to give it a good soaking. Stop! Overwatering is one of the most common lawn care mistakes.

Most grass only needs around an inch of rainfall a week, so you shouldn’t need to water it during wetter months. Grasses send their roots deep into the soil. This will let excess water pool on your lawn, making it dank and moist.

This can lead to further problems with fungal disease and weed growth. 

2. Cutting Too Short

How often do you cut your lawn? If you prefer your lawn to be as short as possible, you’re not alone. However, cutting your grass too short isn’t good for the grass and could actually be damaging your lawn’s health.

Experts agree that you should cut your lawn at a height of 3 – 5 inches. We also recommend leaving some areas of your lawn wild, allowing a range of wildflowers and grasses to flourish. This will boost the overall ecology of your yard and promote lawn health.

3. Lawn Compaction

When the soil beneath your lawn becomes compacted, grass struggles to get the oxygen and minerals it needs to thrive.

Regular footfall, combined with the weight of your mower, contributes to the compaction of your lawn. That’s why it’s so important to aerate your lawn regularly.

Use an aerator or pitchfork to perforate your lawn with small holes. This will allow oxygen into the soil and improve the virility of your lawn.

4. Too Much Fertilizer

As with overwatering, over-fertilizing is too much of a good thing. You want to nourish your lawn, but using the wrong types or amounts of fertilizer can cause a nutrient imbalance and stunt growth.

A professional lawn care service can assess your soil and the overall health of your lawn. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide the right fertilizer for your lawn, alongside a comprehensive lawn maintenance plan.

Check out Myelitelawncare.com for a lawn care service you can rely on. 

Poor Lawn Care Stops Today

You want to enhance your lawn care plan and cultivate a green space you can be proud of. These lawn care tips will put you a cut above the rest. Create a space you genuinely love spending time in, right in your backyard.

If you found this article informative, check out the rest of our blog for everything you need to know about lawn care, home styling, and much more.

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