4 Benefits of Hot Showers: Let These Soak In

Should you use hot or cold water for your shower or bath? Click here to learn about the benefits of hot showers and if they're right for you!

The average shower is 8 minutes long. However, the data diverges from there. Some people prefer hot water, while others prefer cold water.

Some people swear by hot water to exfoliate their skin, shave, and simply enjoy hot showers. Others say that cold water is better for your hair, pores, and overall health. 

To settle the debate, we’ve assembled a guide to the health benefits of hot showers. If you’ve always enjoyed luxuriating in a hot bath, this is why! Let’s get started.

1. Feel Better Faster

When you have a cold, what’s your first reaction? Many people want to enjoy a hot bath. 

For starters, hot water helps with headaches, sore muscles, and congestion. It helps your body drain mucus faster, which can help relieve other symptoms. 

The steam associated with a hot bath also helps. It can help soothe your respiratory system if you feel ill. 

The hot water also makes you sweat, which can also help your body detox and release impurities. If you’re starting to come down with something, there’s nothing like a hot shower!

If you can’t rely on hot water for as long as you want it, invest in water heater repair. It’s worth it for your health!

2. Fall Asleep Faster 

Many people struggle with insomnia. From inconsistent sleep schedules to screen time before bed, there are countless reasons. 

However, most experts agree that it’s important to relax the body. Then, sleep will follow.

Prepare a hot bath for yourself right before bedtime. If you like, include some Epsom salts or essential oils. Then, relax your body inside a hot bath for about twenty minutes. 

Make sure that you don’t fall asleep in the tub! The goal is to increase the overall temperature of your body and relax your muscles. Once you emerge from the tub and dry off, head straight to bed.

3. Lower Your Blood Pressure

As always, it’s important to check with your doctor before you do anything that could impact your blood pressure, especially if you have a history of issues. 

Studies show that a hot bath can help lower your blood pressure. Whether you have a pre-existing condition or not, this is always great to hear. 

However, there’s a crucial reason that you need to check with your doctor. While a hot bath will lower your blood pressure, it will also temporarily raise your heartbeat.

4. Improve Your Skin 

Whether you take baths or hot showers, the warm water can open up your pores. As long as you’re soaking in clean water, this can help remove some of the dirt and toxins away. 

This means your skin will be healthier and less prone to breakouts. It’s a great way to start improving the health and appearance of your skin!

Benefits of Hot Showers 

There are lots of benefits of hot showers. Whether you’re looking to lower your blood pressure or fall asleep faster, a hot bath can help!

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