3 Jewellery Concepts That Are on Trend Right Now

3 Jewellery Concepts That Are on Trend Right Now

If there is one aspect of human fashion that has not changed even after countless years, it’s our innate affinity for rare and well-crafted jewellery. If anything, the demand for jewellery has only increased in recent years. While jewellery was historically worn by both men and woman, the trend shifted more towards women’s jewellery for quite some time. As we have seen on countless occasions before and since in fashion trends, men’s jewellery has started to return in full force now. In fact, that brings us to the first trend on this list.

Male Chains and Pendants

There are plenty of unisex trends gaining popularity right now and they are blurring the lines that separate men’s jewellery from pieces crafted for women. However, a more exclusive recent trend in men’s jewellery was observed resurging. Deliberately masculine designs have gained popularity among older men recently, although the subject itself can be anything from variations of the cross and exotic war mask pendants to simple, linked chains of gold and silver.

The Exclusivity of Bespoke Jewellery

This one is perhaps the broadest, all-encompassing trend to have emerged in recent times. All other trends presently driving the jewellery market are influenced by the ever-growing trend of wearing exclusive, bespoke jewellery pieces that have no equal. The appeal was always there, but it did not gain as much popularity as it has now because people just did not have enough options before. A handful of places that offered such services charged a significantly higher premium, which kept the idea of bespoke jewellery out of the reach of most.

Some of the more accessible shops could only offer minimal customisation options back then and even now. The trend itself is somewhat limited for that reason, as crafting high quality bespoke jewellery requires a degree of mastery that only a few professionals possess. Nevertheless, people certainly have more options than before. For example, see the step-by-step personalisation process adopted by this expert bespoke jewellery Hertfordshire shop to understand just how detailed the customisation process can be.

Uncut Natural Gems in Necklaces

According to a post on Vogue, one of the most influential jewellery trends of 2023 currently involves sporting uncut gemstones in large metallic frames. Note that the practice itself is not a new trend, because people wear junk jewellery at the beach and other casual occasions all the time. However, this particular trend is rather exclusive and not many of us will be able to follow it. So, what makes this one so different and exclusive, as compared to regular junk jewellery?

What is sometimes referred to as junk jewellery is made from inexpensive metal and stones, but the fashion statement for this spring involves wearing full chunks of uncut precious gems, encased in large frames of precious metals. A closer look reveals that the gems are certainly shaped and polished to some degree, but they are intentionally kept as large as possible and the polish on most gems are found to be minimal. The same trend is also seen in bracelets for both men and women who follow high fashion closely enough.

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