2021 Bathroom Trends That Will Have You Ready to Renovate


Thinking about remodeling your bathroom to give it a little pizzazz? If so, you are not alone. More and more people are wanting to update their homes.

During the pandemic, home remodeling projects increased by 58 percent from the previous year. A bathroom renovation also provides a good return on your investment and help your house stand out when it comes time to sell.

Wanting to get a little inspiration? Check out these 2021 bathroom trends to give your bathroom a refresh.

Botanical Walls

Go bold and embrace foliage and flowers for the biggest impact. Add a tropical feel or add lively color. Don’t be afraid to add a big print in your small room—it’s all the rage!

Large Wall Tiles

Tiny mosaic tiles are making their way out of style on the bathroom walls in 2021. The latest design trends call for large-format tiles that add a sense of luxury. They also pair well with natural stone for a spa-like appearance.

Another nice feature of these tiles is that they have fewer grout lines, which means less for you to clean! Wide tiles are great for showers because of this reason.

You can also check out nontraditional subway tiles in different finishes, sizes, colors, and textures to add to your bathroom design. You can also stack them horizontally or vertically.

When choosing colors, you want to stick with inviting neutrals like tan, brown, mushroom, and beige.

Smart Features

Home automation is also trending, so why stop at the bathroom? You can control different features at your fingertips like de-misting mirrors, LED temperature displays, integrated charging ports, hand-wipe sensors, and more.

You can even find smart toilets with hands-free components. For example, these toilets offer touch-free flushing and self-closing lids.

Floating Vanities

You can gain some space by installing floating vanities. These vanities come in a variety of configurations and mount to the wall. You can add some storage underneath.

It’s also easier to clean your bathroom floors with these contemporary vanities. You mount on the wall horizontally or vertically.

Integrated Lighting

Lighting can add a clean light. Try adding backlighting to your mirrors and medicine cabinets. Illuminating behind the mirror highlights all your new features. It also makes your floating vanity appear more weightless.

Going Green

The new color is green. You can go for the softer shades for calm and harmony. Or, choose a bold, darker teal for depth and individuality.

Saturate the walls in paint, but don’t stop there! Paint your basin and your contemporary vanity unit the same color for an even bolder look.

Go Bold With Your Sink

You can go bold with your new sink as well. Try bright colors or matte versions, instead of the usual white sink.

You can also choose other materials instead of the normal ceramic basin. Try new materials like basins made from concrete, glass, or a mineral cast for a new look.

Renovate Your Bathroom With These 2021 Bathroom Trends

When looking for inspiration, these 2021 bathroom trends will give your bathroom a new, sleek look. Try going bold with colors, prints, and tiles. Add in some smart technology, backlighting, and a hanging vanity.

Want more inspiration for your home? Keep checking our household section for ideas to make your home even more comfortable and trendy.

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