What Gun Owners Should Consider When Buying Ammo Online

Finding the right ammunition for your gun online requires knowing where to get it. Here is what gun owners should consider when buying ammo online.

It can be really tough to find ammo on the shelf these days. Every store sells out within hours of getting a shipment in.

And the worst part? They can’t predict when they will get a shipment and what exactly will be in it.

While we hope that things normalize soon so we can enjoy our hobbies of hunting and target shooting without frenzy, it’s time to consider buying ammo online.

While online retailers are often sold out just like physical stores, you can check more stores in less time online. But most people aren’t used to shopping from online ammo stores.

If it’s your first time purchasing ammo on the internet, there are a few things to consider. Keep reading to find out how to make your next ammo purchase worry-free.

Know the Laws

Yes, you can buy ammo online. Most people can have it shipped to their homes, making it nice and easy.

However, there are some states and cities that have restrictions in place. For example, online ammo can’t be shipped to Washington DC.

Also, In New York, you have to have ammo sent via FFL to a nearby store or facility. But you can’t do this in some of the bigger cities, including New York City, which doesn’t allow online ammo sales or shipments. Always check your local gun laws before making a purchase. 

Shipping to an FFL

Don’t be alarmed if a company will sell you ammo online, but can’t ship it to your home. This means they will ship to an FFL, which is a store or facility that has a valid Federal Firearms License.

If you’ve ever purchased a gun online, it’s the same thing. All online gun sales need to be shipped to an FFL. This is most often a sporting goods store, gun shop, gunsmith, or even a shooting range. 

There’s usually no charge for using this service. Once your ammo arrives at the designated FFL carrier, just go in, show your ID, and collect your package. 

Expect Shipping Charges

We love getting free shipping. In fact, we’ve come to expect free shipping most of the time.

But when buying ammo online, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to pay for shipping, and it might not be cheap. Ammo is considered a hazardous material. It’s also very heavy, particularly when buying in bulk.

As a result, don’t be surprised by shipping charges when you check out. It’s better than paying for gas to drive all the way across the state to the online store with ammo in stock, right?

Try Buying In Bulk

If you know what you like to shoot, and you shoot a lot, buying in bulk is the best option. When you buy in bulk, you’re going to get the lowest cost-per-round possible.

And because a bulk bucket of rounds will be at least a few hundred bucks, the company may even ship it free, even though it’s heavy.

But the best part about buying in bulk is availability. Online retailers will always sell out of individual packs of ammo before selling out of their bulk packages.

This is because fewer people want to front the cost of thousands of rounds at once. If you know you are going to use them, there’s no reason not to buy bulk ammo.

Know Your Caliber

When you buy ammo, you can’t return it. Even if you bought the wrong caliber.

And since you’re going to have to pay for shipping, you definitely don’t want to accidentally buy the wrong caliber round. When shopping online, it’s crucial to know the exact type of round you are looking for.

You want to make sure it’s going to fit into your gun. Make sure to read the fine print. Sometimes the title will say one caliber, and the description will say it only works in certain types of guns.

Consider Accessories When Buying Ammo Online

Since you are making an online purchase, and probably paying for shipping, you may as well brose the selection of accessories. That way, you won’t have to place a separate order at another store later on.

For example, those shooting 338 can click here to see tons 338 Lapua products to try out.

Compare Prices

When buying ammo online, it’s crucial that you price-check each website you come across. Comparing ammo prices could save you a ton of money.

Or it could save you from a bad buy. For example, if you stumble upon a product listing for a hard-to-find caliber and it’s listed super cheap, don’t get too excited. You’ll want to research the reason it’s discounted. It may be a fake seller.

Luckily, comparing prices across many websites is super easy. There are a handful of ammo comparison sites that list out stores currently carrying the round you are looking for, and at what price.

So if it’s in stock somewhere, you’ll find it and you can choose to buy from the store selling it the cheapest.

Finding Ammo Online

One of the first places to check for ammo online is any retailer that has a physical location near you. Even if the store itself is out of ammo, they may have some at their headquarters.

You might be able to buy it online and have it shipped free to your local store, saving you shipping costs. Then check other well-known retailers for current stock.

Buying from a company that specifically sells ammo online often leads to great pricing and faster shipping. However, you need to do your due diligence to ensure it’s a legit company.

Check their reviews, their shipping policy, customer service policy, and social media accounts so you can make a confident purchase.

Just Keep Checking

Just because your favorite store doesn’t have ammo on the shelf doesn’t mean you have to leave your hunting rifle locked up this season. With a little effort and patience, you can find the caliber you need.

Buying ammo online is simple and easy. But it’s often a matter of timing. If it’s out of stock today, it might be back tomorrow. You’ll just have to keep checking.

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